Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday: Noshville

Noshville is a New York style deli in the heart of Nashville.   The original location is right off Broadway, and a staple for Vandy students.  When you step in this delicatessen, you get a feeling you are not in Nashville anymore, rather a NY deli!  From mile high cheesecakes, to fresh pickles waiting for you on the table, this charmer nails the big apple sandwich shop on the head.  Noshville is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner in midtown (6:30am-9:30ish). 

Dessert and meat counter

Classic Noshville Breakfast

Deli Sandwiches

Tips for Visiting Noshville
1. One cool feature of the restaurant is countertop seating.  So no need to worry if you are dining solo, grab a stool, a cup of coffee and a home town paper, there is premium seating for parties of 1. 
2. Noshville can get pretty crowded Sunday's after church or during parents weekend at Vanderbilt, try one of the other locations (Green Hills or Cool Springs) if you get a craving during a peak time.
3. The fourth location is in BNA.  Forget fast food, grab a seat, listen to live country music and enjoy a fresh deli sandwich next time you depart from our airport.
4. Noshville is another Groupon lover, they have half off certificates featured on sweet jack or groupon often. (You know I hate to pay full price :))

Monday, January 30, 2012

GGTS: Super Bowl Snacks

Happy Super Bowl Week!
First off, GGTS is my FLA (four letter acronym) for Girlfriend's Guide to Sports, so I am using it as a prefix for any sports related posts.

Back to the Big Game!!!  It is destined to be a great one with so many dramatic story lines to follow this week.  Will the Colts and Peyton break-up amidst hosting the super bowl?  Will Eli step ahead of big brother and slip a second super bowl ring on his hand?  Will Brady be able to shake the 2008 Super Bowl loss to the Giants in time to clutch the win?


Sometimes football CAN be as dramatic as the Bachelor :)  Later this week I am planning a post for everything you need to know about the game (fun facts and gossip), but for today, let's work on the super bowl party planning.

Big screen TV, check!
Bar stocked, check!
Friends invited, check!

Next up, MENU, click below the photo for a link to the recipe.

AND for the lighter side,

So in the words of the great Terrell Owens, Getcha popcorn ready!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Girlfriend's Guide to Sports: Preds Facts and Trivia!

As the last peice of my Girlfriend's Guide to Sports Nashville Predators series, here are some fun facts about our hometown team!

Established in 2008 

Team Colors: Gold, Navy and White

Coach Barry Trotz
 Barry has been our coach for the franchise's entire history.  He has coached over 1000 games! 

Mascot: Gnash, a Blue Saber-Toothed Cat
Our mascot was inspired by a discovery in 1971 of a saber tooth cat skeleton when construction workers were building a bank in downtown Nashville. 

Hats, an Octopus, and a Catfish
When a player scores 3 goals in one game, it's called a HAT TRICK, and the fans throw their hats on the ice.   
Some people think the Red Wings throw an octupus on the ice for a hat trick, but rather the octopus is a tradition representing the playoffs.  A tradition that started in 1952, the 8 legs of the creature represented the 8 playoff games needed to win the Stanley Cup. Tips for throwing an octopus....
1. Boil it before the game so it doesn't stick to the ice and no residue will hit other fans while airborne.
2. Only throw it after a goal, after the national anthem or at the end of the game to avoid a delay of game penalty.
3. Octopi tossing should be reserved for the playoffs or final games of the season.

In response to the octopus, during the 2002/2003 season, a Preds fan tossed a catfish on the ice.  Sometimes in leiu of a hat, a catfish will be thrown on the ice after a hat trick, but closer to the playoffs, I assure you, a brave fan will toss a catfish on the ice to let the Red Wings know we are playing for the Cup too!  BTW, the ice girls say catfish are heavy, slimy, and smelly, but if it helps the team, it's worth it!

Fang Fingers
When the Preds are on the power play, the fans raise their hands and and curl their middle and pointer finger to make fangs.  Then, the Alfred Hitchcock Psycho music comes on as everyone pops their hands up and down, taunting the other team.

Preds All-Time Scoring Leader: David Legwand

You can follow your favorite Preds players on Twitter:
It's kinda cute to see them Tweet each other and other Nashville stars.  Dierks Bently is BFFs with several of the Preds boys. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Finally Here! (Well It WAS Finally Here!)

A couple things I love are planning a great party and celebrating a great accomplishment, so once JK's law school journey was coming to a close in December, I was eager to help him plan a celebration worthy of the time, energy and commitment of his achievement.  In this post, I want to share some of the details of the party and fun projects I embarked upon to make his day extra special. 

We started with the invitations to set the tone of the party.  I knew the cookie-cutter, school provided announcements just wouldn't cut it, so after scouring the internet for inspiration, and a few late nights of tweaking we both LOVED the final product. 

the graduate is quite private, so excuse the white box in the middle of the photo :)

I purchased the paper from a local paper shop (the paper source), dusted off my old college printer, and crossed my fingers....luckily they printed beautifully!  Here are a few of the fonts I used.....
Then I worked on a few more paper products.  A menu, place cards and a get out of jail free card for each place setting.  I used the same fonts for the menu and a square card in the same paper as the invitations.  As for the get out of jail free cards, I simply found a clip art online of the jail bird and created a business card size printout in powerpoint.   
the food was AMAZING!
get out of jail cards were a hit!
Then I found pinterest inspiration for a banner and a photo timeline

such cute grade school photos of the guest of honor!

Here are a few shots of the last details to tie the room together....
centerpieces: fall bouquet on law school books
enjoying lunch at Merchants with about 30 guests
 congrats graduate!
I absolutly LOVED planning this for JK!  I think I found my new favorite hobby....arts and crafts with pretty paper and party planning.  The entire process was exciting, especially to see ideas on paper come to reality.  Congrats again babe on your big accomplishment!

The photos are by the extremely talented Leslie Walker.  That was the best investment of the party!  I could focus on enjoying the celebration and company and not worry about missing a photo opportunity.  Aren't the photos fabulous!?!

Photos: Leslie Walker Photography
Paper: The Paper Source
Venue: Merchant's on Broadway

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at playing hostess :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Happy Wednesday!!  This week has been a bit slow, but the fabulous weather the last couple of days has made it a-ok.  I'm linking up with Jamie for....

I'm loving that Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and strolling through Target will put you in the mood!  Grab a bag of York peppermint hearts, get your glue gun out, and spread the love :)

I am absolutely loving this makeup set from Santa!  Urban Decay Naked is thebomb.com (yes I just went there), and each color is right on the money.  I love each shade equally and am loving trying different combos.
 January = pasty white skin, solution, Sephoria bronzer in Aruba....thank me later!
I'm loving the bridesmaid's dresses from Jessie and Edmund's wedding!  All of her hard work paid off and the details were impeccable.

I am LOVING a new Nashville girlfriends!  We have several dates on our social calendars coming up, and it has been so exciting to find such a great group of ladies with similar morals, goals, and tastes in wine :) 
I'm also loving that the Memphis Griz and Nashville Predators have been on such a great winning streak lately!   With all of JK's studying, I am so glad his favorite teams can keep him smiling.

Keep smiling, we are half way to FRIDAY!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday: Belle Meade Plantation

Welcome back to.....

Belle Meade Plantation
The Belle Meade Plantation is a slice of Nashville history located right off Harding Pike.  The plantation covers about 6 acres, and it has been carefully maintained to capture a piece of southern heritage.  The mansion on the property was home to both the Harding and Jackson families for over a century and holds a rich story of the rise and fall of their family business, Thoroughbred horses.  The tour encompasses the main home, as well as slave quarters, stables, and a new winery on the property. 

I took advantage of the mild winter we are having and visited the plantation a few weeks ago. I am not typically a history buff nor too intrigued by horses, but was pleasantly surprised by our trip to the plantation.  We started with a late lunch in the Harding House on the property.  The menu captured southern charm from pulled pork, to gumbo, to fried green tomatoes . The restaurant was cozy and quiet, perfect for conversation, it is a well kept secret. 

Then we walked about the property for the self guided tour portion.  Following a map, we wandered through the slave quarters, checked out the play house and ventured through the stables.  Once the official tour started, we were met by the tour guide in front of the mansion with our small group, about 10 people.  The home was absolutely beautiful! It is amazing to see how well homes were built, with no detail overlooked, over a hundred and fifty years ago.  Each room was more fascinating than the last, and even had indoor plumbing far before many others.  No photography was allowed in the house, or I would share more pictures!

The tour concluded with a tour of the newly established winery and complimentary tastings of their unique blends.   

Tips for your trip to the Belle Meade Plantation
1. Check out Groupon, that's where I got 2 tickets for 16 dollars!
2.  If you are looking to purchase wine on Sundays, check out the winery on the property, it is one of the only places in Nashville allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays.
3. Plan enough time to read the displays in the self guided areas, you may learn a thing or two about Tennessee history!