Monday, January 30, 2012

GGTS: Super Bowl Snacks

Happy Super Bowl Week!
First off, GGTS is my FLA (four letter acronym) for Girlfriend's Guide to Sports, so I am using it as a prefix for any sports related posts.

Back to the Big Game!!!  It is destined to be a great one with so many dramatic story lines to follow this week.  Will the Colts and Peyton break-up amidst hosting the super bowl?  Will Eli step ahead of big brother and slip a second super bowl ring on his hand?  Will Brady be able to shake the 2008 Super Bowl loss to the Giants in time to clutch the win?

Sometimes football CAN be as dramatic as the Bachelor :)  Later this week I am planning a post for everything you need to know about the game (fun facts and gossip), but for today, let's work on the super bowl party planning.

Big screen TV, check!
Bar stocked, check!
Friends invited, check!

Next up, MENU, click below the photo for a link to the recipe.

AND for the lighter side,

So in the words of the great Terrell Owens, Getcha popcorn ready!

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