Saturday, January 14, 2012

Girlfriend's Guide to Sports

When you fall in love with a boy that loves sports,  you can either choose to roll your eyes and whine every time a game is on tv, or learn to love them too, I chose the later.  Do I watch sportscenter everyday or check trade rumors online? No...but I do keep up with sports enough to hold a meaningful conversation with my better half about the wide world of Tennessee sports. 

Growing up in the south, a love for football came naturally, but when I met JK it was evident I needed proficiency in all sports, especially hockey.  Nashville is home to the Nashville Predators hockey team.  Over the past seven seasons, JK and I have attended countless games, and this past week we got to catch a game with a large group from work.  Even though several of the ladies in attendance knew nothing about hockey, the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowd engages everyone.  I was the seasoned hockey girlfriend of the group, so I shared a little Hockey 101 with my co-workers, they loved it, so I thought it would be fun to share here too!  

I am going to split up the hockey lesson into 3 posts, 
1. The Basics of Hockey 
2. Why I LOVE the Preds!
3. Tips, Trivia and Fun Facts

The Basics post is coming up later today! Stay tuned :)

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