Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Sunshine!

Here's to another Monday and my random thoughts :)

Today is beautiful!  Aside from tornado warnings last night, could you ask for a more beautiful January day?  There is something about a sunny day and temps in the mid 50s to get your week started off right!

Friday, I had a lunch date with a few Nashville ladies, and we checked out the new hot spot in East Nashville, the Pharmacy (burgers and beer garden).  Burgers were delicious, and this will be a hit in the summer, and I can't wait to go back when it is a bit warmer.  The girls and I are going to a Junior League informational meeting Tuesday night, and I am excited to learn more about the opportunities for volunteerism this year!
Last week we also had a Zeta Alumni meeting.  There are several big projects with ZTA alumni in Nashville this spring.  Hot Topics: Vanderbilt colonization, Zeta Day in Nashville, and a fundraiser featuring local songwriters...I am helping with the actual installation of the new chapter event and look forward to adding another link to the chain :) 


AND....I have the real estate bug.....tired of paying rent, but frustrated with the expensive Nashville housing market.......stay tuned on this one.  House or condo, city or country, location or size, old or new, HOAs????  Tricky subject....                                                  
 Have a great week dolls!

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