Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday: Noshville

Noshville is a New York style deli in the heart of Nashville.   The original location is right off Broadway, and a staple for Vandy students.  When you step in this delicatessen, you get a feeling you are not in Nashville anymore, rather a NY deli!  From mile high cheesecakes, to fresh pickles waiting for you on the table, this charmer nails the big apple sandwich shop on the head.  Noshville is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner in midtown (6:30am-9:30ish). 

Dessert and meat counter

Classic Noshville Breakfast

Deli Sandwiches

Tips for Visiting Noshville
1. One cool feature of the restaurant is countertop seating.  So no need to worry if you are dining solo, grab a stool, a cup of coffee and a home town paper, there is premium seating for parties of 1. 
2. Noshville can get pretty crowded Sunday's after church or during parents weekend at Vanderbilt, try one of the other locations (Green Hills or Cool Springs) if you get a craving during a peak time.
3. The fourth location is in BNA.  Forget fast food, grab a seat, listen to live country music and enjoy a fresh deli sandwich next time you depart from our airport.
4. Noshville is another Groupon lover, they have half off certificates featured on sweet jack or groupon often. (You know I hate to pay full price :))

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  1. I have not been to Nashville in way too long. I will have to check this place out sometime when I'm there! I was recently tagged on my blog, and I've passed it to you! stop by Cupcakes and Candy Canes and check it out!