Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday! Yazoo Brewery

Before I jump into today's post, let me introduce my weekly series.  Tour Guide Tuesday will feature some of my favorite restaurants, activities, and places in Nashville.  I plan to share an experience and give tips for your visit.  So, without further delay, Welcome to the first edition of.....

Yazoo Brewery was founded in 2003 by Linus, a tire engineer for Bridgestone, and his wife Lila, a curator for the Parthenon.  Linus knew there were bigger things out there for him, so he followed his passion, quit his corporate job and founded a brewery in Nashville.  The Gulch is the new home of the brewery and taproom (910 Division St), and has plenty of room for growth.  The taproom is open for happy hour, Thursday 4-8pm, Friday 4-8pm and Saturday 2-8pm.  Yazoo also offers tours on Saturdays, starting at 2:30pm, for the bargain price of $6.  The best part is the tour includes a pint glass and free samples throughout the tour!

Justin and I made our first visit to the brewery this past fall and it did not disappoint!
From the delicious selections on tap to the small tour group, it was proved to be a perfect destination for a low key Saturday afternoon.  Yazoo uses the same bottling machinery as L'Oreal used to bottle mascara, so yes I was the person with a million questions, begging to get a closer look, and computing capacity calculations nonstop.  The good news-since the tour was a small group and brewery was relatively compact, I didn't annoy the tour guide too much ;)
Tips for Yazoo:
1. Plan to go ahead of time, and purchase tickets ahead of time-they run out and are usually packed on Saturdays!  http://yazoobrew.com/about-yazoo/index.php#tour
2. Try a new brew, variety is the spice of life.  My favorites are Hap and Harry and Dos Perros
3. Grab a nerdy engineering friend to take with you, s/he will be grateful to share the experience with you!
4. Feel free to wear heels ladies, it is a short tour, so you won't be drudging through a huge factory, getting dirty or suffering from achy feet.

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