Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I Love the Nashville Predators!

As promised, the next hockey lesson revolves around the Nashville Predators!  Following the first hockey 101 lesson, let's jump into some details about our local professional hockey team.


10. Accessible Tickets and Crazy Crowd
There are always great discount ticket opportunities in the community. From college nights, to fundraisers, I have attended countless games for less than $25 a ticket in lower bowl!  Keep your eye out for promos and ticket deals.  I have also never been to a game that the crowd was not in it to win it.  That's half the fun :) 

9. Fun Events
The Preds host a slew of events each year promoting ticket sales and their foundation.  They host block parties early in the season when the weather is warm to build team spirit.  JK and I have participated in the Predator's 5k several times....the downside, it is FREEZING running by the river in February, the upside, free tickets :)  The foundation also sponsors a casino night along with several other fundraisers every season.
8. Cellblock 303
Section 303 is the home of the original Preds fans.  Cellblock 303 prides themselves on being the loudest section in the loudest arena in the NHL.  They are accredited with creating and starting a lot of the cheers and chants preformed throughout the game.  Check out their blog 
7. Great Players!
These are my favorite players and the key guys to get to know....
6. Chants and Cheers
Bridgestone arena almost has a collegiate spirit with all of the cheering and crowd involvement.  Every time we score, the fans sing the Preds version of the old country classic, I like it, I love it !

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it
Don't know what it is about the Predators scoring,
but I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

When the Preds go on the Power Play, fang fingers come out :) 

And for the cruder cheers check out
5. Accessible Players
Since Nashville is considered a "small market", the team works diligently to get followers.  You can catch promotions at the local Publix with a player signing autographs or even run into a Pred trying on jeans in the next dressing room at Banana Republic (yes, JK and Patric Hornqvist met in a Banana dressing room).  This iphone pic is from a meet and greet with Mike Fisher :)
4. Fun Outfits
I have a few fun pieces of Preds gear, but if I can get away with wearing a big jersey, leggings, and boots AND look fashionable, sign me up! 

3. Celebrity Sightings
It is a well know fact celebrities love professional sports, and Nashville is no different.  Dierks Bently is an avid hockey fan, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have taken date night to Bridgestone arena, and Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, and Taylor Swift love to cheer for the Preds. 
2. Tough hits, short tempers and amazing plays....
Since scores in hockey games are fairly low, any shot that actually makes it in the net is a miracle!  Hockey is such a physical sport, tempers are destined to flare, and fights emerge.  Now, I am usually not a violent person, but you can't help but cheer for one of our boys in a scuffle.  You will be on your toes from the start of the first, to the final horn.

1. All they do is win, win, win no matter what!
Our team is actually very talented.  They made it through the first round of the playoffs last year, and although we are in a tough division, they are making a playoff run again this year.  We have a few Olympic gold medalist on our team as well as several NHL All Stars.  Did I mention how fun it is to dance to All I Do Is Win after a victory? :)

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