Monday, February 27, 2012

Award Season's Best Dressed!

Award season is over, here are a few of my favorite fashion moments.

The color of this gown is perfection with Violia's skin tone, but her glow and pride this award season completed every outfit.
Golden Globes

Nudes are HOT this season, and Kate kills it in this dress.  Simple beauty.
Golden Globes

This curve hugging number on the beautiful Sophia left little to the imagination.  But she did clear up any panty-less rumors on the red carpet....she never leaves the house without them!
Screen Actors Guild

Here is my wild card, Octavia Spencer.  I thought her wardrobe choices were very elegant throughout the award season.  In this dress, she highlighted her best features and camouflaged any areas of concern.  We all try to follow that principle, and her stylist was spot on.
Tadashi Shoji gown
Golden Globes

When did this girl have a baby!?!  This color would wash out most people on the carpet, but Jessica owns it and glows in lavender.  Stunning!
Golden Globes

Ok, maybe I'm a bit biased, in my book, Carrie can do no the Grammies I would like to see her in something short and flirty, but she portrays sheer classiness in this gown.

Lace is EVERYWHERE!  I'm loving this whole look, especially the accessory on her right ;)

A big pop of color!  Michelle wears this dress beautifully.
Louis Vuitton

Emma may be my favorite from this award season.  She has really stepped up from just another 20 something actress to a legitimate artist and fashionistia.  I think the whole look here really works.  Fabulous dress, sleek hair, simple jewelry, and muted makeup.  It's all about the dress.
Emma Stone
Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

Momma always said, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  So for the worst dressed list, I will let the pictures do the talking...p.s. I don't hate on fashion risks, rather, I tend to label worst dressed as offensive, tacky, or not dressing for your body!
Nikki at Grammys

Final thoughts, modest is hottest ladies ;)

Who did I forget???


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  1. J - this is just too funny :) I'm loving reading your posts!! It's 100% you!