Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I've Been Tagged!

  Sweet Allyson at Cupcakes and Candy Canes tagged me in her post today and challenged me to TAG UP!  How exciting to be recognized in blogging world :)  So here goes nothing....

How to Tag!       
1.  You must post the rules.
2.  Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4.  Tag 7 people and link them on your post.
5.  Let them know you’ve tagged them!

12 Fun Facts About Me!

1.  I'm a chemical engineer in real life.
2. My favorite job was making mascara at L'Oreal
3. I'm from Jackson, TN.
4. I live in downtown Nashville.
5. I think a great outfit can effect your mood all day!
6. I have a shopping habit :)
7. I love to cook, but sometimes I wish I had a grocery delivery service and a housekeeper to clean up after dinner.
8. I have a sweet tooth, ok maybe a mouth full of sweet teeth....especially for CHOCOLATE!
9. I am Catholic, and I love my church, the cathedral, in Nashville.
10. Panera is my happy place!
11. My younger sister got married last year.
12. My guilty pleasure is  reality tv!  the Bachelor, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and the Real Housewives!
My Questions

1.  What is your favorite blog…or blogs? I am new to the blogging world, but I love,, and
2.  What do you really look for in a friend? Someone with similar values and interests that I can laugh with!
3.  What is your
word of the year?  Positivity, always looking for the bright side
4.  What is your favorite part of blogging? I love having a creative outlet!  Since my "real" job lacks in that department I love that I have found it in blogging.
5.  What do you look for in a great blog? Common interests, reliability, and honesty
6.  Do you have a favorite quote or a life verse? It is what it is, or Do your best and forget the rest.7.  What is your favorite movie and why? Sweet Home Alabama! I have loved it forever.
8.  Do you have a favorite or go-to outfit (casual, dressy, or otherwise)? No, but I am learning the value of staples.  I have found that investing in the key pieces really helps standardize your wardrobe allowing a lot of mixing and matching.  LBD can always be a go-to piece. 
9.  Who is your celebrity crush? Ryan Gossling or Josh Lucas
10.  Who in your family inspires you and why?
My mom, growing up, she was the best mom ever!  I hope to become half the mom she was....she is great now too!
11.  What is your preferred pet? WELL....I currently have a dog, and I love him dearly, but honestly, a fish....they are a lot less work.
12.  Are you a late-sleeper or an early-riser?  Late-sleeper, I love my sleep.

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*Use the same questions :)


  1. I love this! I had no idea you were from Jackson; I am too!

    Also, I would have LOVED making mascara (although I probably would have stolen more than I made...I love it)!


  2. thanks for tagging me, lady! I'm scheduled out for a bit, but if I get some free time, I will definitely come back to this ;) hope you have a great Friday! xoxo {av}