Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nashvegas Celeb Spotting

 Nashville is home to many country music stars, professional athletes, and political activists.   Plenty of my non-Nashville friends have often asked where to go to spot celebs or where I have run into the rich and famous.  I thought it would be fun to share a few of my music city celebrity run ins....

Dierks Bently: Nashville Predators Game
Dierks was sporting his skinny jeans and hanging with his skater posse.
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Albert Haynesworth: Chick-fil-a at Cool Springs Mall
He was dining with his wife and kids, but he stood at like a sore thumb standing 6'6" weighing a hefty 350lbs!

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 Patric Hornqvist: Banana Republic Dressing Room at Green Hills
J and Patric were trying on jeans, and very unlike J, he introduced himself in the dressing room!
 Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman: Whole Foods and Church
Nicole and Keith were my first celeb spotting in Nashville at Whole Foods, but J and I have seen them several times at 11:00 Mass in Nashville.  Keith is always playing the Mr. Country Music part complete with jeans and a plaid shirt, but Nicole is never camera ready with wet hair and a carefree outfit.  They always bring Sunday Rose to church too!

 Mayor Karl Dean: Predators Game
Yes, even the Mayor loves the Preds!
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  Randy Travis: PF Changs
J spotted Randy at PF Changs one night.  Randy waltzed in and out without one interruption, he enjoyed his chicken fried rice in peace!
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 Marc Mariani: Nashville Predators Game
Marc is a young Titan, but he cheers the Preds on in full gear.  He sported a #22 Jordan Tootoo jersey complete with a train engineer's hat to play the tootoo part.  He is a proud member of the young Nashville social scene.

Notice, I don't have any first hand pics of celebs....that's because the unspoken rule in Nashville is to treat them like everyone else.  You never see paparazzi here, nor do you see people approaching celebs in public.  It is hard to resist when you are star-struck, but southern hospitality is the key to the game here.

I hope you enjoyed my walk of fame!

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  1. Ooooh how fun! I have never actually seen a celebrity.....but I so want to! Maybe I need to start spending more time in Nashville!