Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Fever and Spring Cleaning!

Happy Friday Loves!

Since winter is non-existant and J's little test next week has me in stressed cleaning/organizing mode (does anyone else scrub, dust and rearrange when stressed?)
Maybe Cinderella's birds will fly in my window, help me change sheets and sing with me...
*Thanks, Disney, for unrealistic expectations, a girl is never too old to dream!

Back to reality, let's talk about some fun cleaning tips. 

1. Put a shelf on top of the washer and drier to hold necessities, beautify the space, and most importantly, keep things from falling behind the units.

from pinterest
2. After you dust those baseboards, keep them clean longer by rubbing a drier sheet along the floor.

3. How to remove water stain from wood?  Try toothpaste!

4. This one I am terrible at.....How to Fold a Fitted Sheet.

5. Make your own air freshner

Enjoy your weekend!  I'm sure I will find something more fun to get into than cleaning!  What are your go-to tips or tools of the trade?!?

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  1. I probably need to jump on the spring cleaning bus too! I may not do any of the rest of these, but I can fold a mean fitted sheet - I credit that to my years working in a daycare!