Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Wrap-up

What a game!  In my opinion, most championship games are played not to lose, so you lack the big, risky plays, but the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 2012 will go down as a great one!  The last Giants play with the Giants calling a stop at the 1 and the Patriots calling a no tackle was epic, perfect example of time management and critical coaching decisions.  The Patriots came up short, but I'm happy for Eli.
Now on to the entertainment.  Blake and Miranda knocked it out of the park with America the Beautiful, perfect harmonies, perfect pitch, perfect arrangement.  Kelly Clarkson looked and sounded better than ever. 

As for the halftime show, I thought it was a great mix of Madonna hits and new talent.  I think they kept it youthful and tasteful, Madonna kept her performance age appropriate (she's 53!) and the new acts spiced it up.  Only one disappointment, the NFL issued an apology for MIA flipping the bird to the camera.  REALLY?!?!?  Can you not keep it classy for 60 seconds?!?!?  Next year you can count on a great Beetles tribute from the Mickey Mouse Club. 

My favorite commercials? Chevy Camero, M&Ms, and I vaguely remember a commercial with David Beckham in it ;)
Have a Super Monday!

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  1. our big disappointment: in our friendly prop bet game, bobby said that the first point in the game would be a safety.... we should have bet money on it....

    fave commercial- definitely the VW with the pleasantly plump pup. =)