Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday: Loveless Cafe


Loveless Cafe is located off Hwy 100 on the west side of Nashville.  Established in 1951, this cafe serves the best country cookin' in Nashville, and you can quote me on that!  Loveless was originally a travelers motel in the 1900's and a restaurant was added in the 1950's specializing in chicken and biscuits.  Although the motel business ended in 1985, the original secret biscuit recipe is still alive and well!  From country ham to meatloaf to fried green tomatoes, this country menu is sure to please any southern family.  Loveless is one of my go-to's for Nashville visitors, it has never disappointed!

Loveless supports a large online presence at lovelesscafe.com.  They ship ham and jam from Nashville to everywhere across the US.  The Hams and Jams shop is the perfect place to shop and sip a coca-cola in a bottle while waiting for your table.
We all have Ms. Carol Fay to thank for the number one attraction at Loveless, the biscuits.  Ms. Carol earned the nickname The Biscuit Lady for these delicious treats.  Hot, fresh biscuits are served at every table accompanied by apple, blackberry and peach jam.  Ms. Carol did not create the recipe, but she did keep the secret and make the biscuits for 25 years.  She helped the brand reach the infamy it deserved!


 Don't forget to save room for desert.  Fudge pie, apple pie, turtle pie, chocolate cake and fresh banana pudding are just a few of the southern staples on the menu daily. 

Tips for visiting Loveless Cafe
1. Saturday and Sunday's until around 2pm are the busiest time to dine at Loveless.  There are plenty of shops to occupy your time, but you can call ahead to be added to the wait list.  Try going for dinner to miss the hour + wait times.
2. Check out the hams and jams shop.  There are great cookbooks to purchase and you can take home a jar of your favorite jam (mine is blackberry!).
3. If you are planning a big event like a wedding or work Christmas party, check out the Loveless Barn.  I have never been to an event there, but you are guaranteed one thing....a delicious menu!
4. If a trip to Nashville is not in your near future, check out the online shop at lovelesscafe.com
5. To stay in good standings with me, please invite me on any trip to Loveless you may take ;)

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  1. That sounds incredible! These Tour Guide posts are making me really want to take a trip to Nashville!