Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Partnering up with Little Daisy May for one of my favorite posts,

I'm loving that I am in full workout mode again.  It was hard to shuffle the commute to Clarksville everyday and maintain a steady workout schedule, but it is finally working out.

I'm loving the start of Lent and keeping with my plan, a prayer of thanksgiving!

I get to go recruiting at UT next week!  I'm loving a change of pace from office life!

I'm loving a Mass pick me up in the middle of the week, heading to Ash Wednesday Mass tonight!
I'm absolutely loving my new BBQ find in Nashville, Edleys!  Good BBQ is hard to find, and I'm so glad to have found Edleys :)
I'm loving the yoga class I caught on accident Monday.  I was heading to a spin class, but it was full, so reluctantly I decided to try the 75 minute yoga class next door, and it was fabulous!  The instructor was great and the pace was perfect....namaste :)
I'm loving that Monday I came home to dinner on the table, thanks babe!
I'm loving the Urban Decay Naked Pallet online tutorials I have found, I know everything is google-able, but never thought to look for that specific of make-up tips!

What are you loving today?!?!

Happy hump day!


  1. I'm a Nashville girl too! - well, just south of Nashville...found you on WILW!

  2. Yay for Tennessee! :)

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog girl ! You are so nice! Just followed your blog :) YOu and your husband are so cute! ANd my goodness, your pup is just adorable! We thought about getting a daschound when we were adopting a puppy! Cute cute!


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is so cute! I'm now a new follower! I will definitely have to try out that BBQ place soon! Have a great night!


  5. Cute blog! I am so in love with Nashville! My hubby just interviewed for a job there so we are saying our prayers and crossing our fingers that we have the option to relocate there. Great, great, great city! xoxo

  6. great pins. I so need to start doing yoga!

    Lovely blog, hope you'll visit mines one day =)