Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chocolate is Good For You!

 Have you heard all of the chatter about Chocolate lately?!?  Apparently it's good for you :)
Check out this article I came across during my choco-research...

1. Chocolate decreases stroke risk
A Swedish study found that eating more than 45 grams of chocolate per week—about two bars worth—led to a 20 percent decrease in stroke risk among women.
2. Chocolate reduces the likelihood of a heart attack
Other studies show that eating chocolate prevents blood clots, which in turn reduces the risk of heart attacks. Blood platelets clump together more slowly in chocolate eaters, the studies say.
3. Chocolate protects against blood inflammation
Eat one Hershey’s dark chocolate bar per week, and your risk of heart disease will decrease, a 2008 study found. About 6.7 grams of dark chocolate per day keeps the blood inflammation-inducing proteins away.

4. Chocolate helps with math
British psychologists found that flavanols (a class of flavonoids, which are found in chocolate) helped people with their mental math. Study subjects had an easier time counting backwards from a randomly-generated number between 800 and 999 after drinking a cup of hot chocolate than they did without the cocoa. “The findings suggest students who binge on chocolate when revising for exams may gain a real benefit from doing so,” the British Telegraph reported.

5. Chocolate may prevent cancer
Cocoa contains a compound called pentameric procyanidin, or pentamer, which disrupts cancer cells’ ability to spread. When researchers from the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University treated cancer cells with pentamer back in 2005, the proteins necessary for cancer growth were suppressed and the cells stopped dividing.

6. Chocolate reduces the risk of diabetes
The Italians know a thing or two about good eating.  And a small study from the University of L'Aquila, in Italy, found that eating chocolate increases insulin sensitivity, which reduces the risk of diabetes.

7. Chocolate is good for your skin
“Some people say that I eat too many chocolate bars …” Remember that acne infomercial from the 90s? No? Well, it doesn’t matter. Not only does it not cause breakouts, it’s actually good for your skin! Again, thank the Flavinoids.

8. Chocolate can control coughs
The most delicious way to kick your cough, apparently, is chocolate. One of the sweet’s chemical components, theobromine, seems to reduce the activity of the vagus nerve, the part of the brain that triggers coughing fits. Scientists are even working on a cough-quelling drug that uses theobromine in place of codeine—a narcotic common in cough medicine.

9. Chocolate improves blood flow
In 2008 Harvard scientists forced test subjects to undergo “two weeks of enhanced chocolate intake.” A fortnight of chocolate face-stuffing, they found, sped up blood flow through their subject’s middle cerebral arteries. In other words, more chocolate means more blood to your brain.
10. Chocolate strengthens your brain
Researchers at  the Johns Hopkins University found that dark chocolate shields cells in your brain, and accordingly protects it from damage caused by stroke.

11. Chocolate makes you live longer
Jeanne Louise Calment lived to the age of 122—the oldest anyone has ever lived. She ate two and a half pounds of dark chocolate per week. Harvard researchers found that eating chocolate actually adds two years to your life expectancy.

But don’t just start binging on chocolate! Most of the chocolate you buy in the grocery store is heavily processed, which means that it has lost many of its healthy chemicals. And some of the research supporting chocolate’s healthy characteristics was paid for by chocolate manufacturers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day!

Thanks for coming back for WILW.

I'm loving these recent Pinterest finds...

I'm loving that I'm taking a quick trip to Memphis this weekend for a couples shower for this sweet couple getting married in June!  Taylor will be the most BEAUTIFUL bride :)

I'm loving that I got to work from home yesterday, it was great to catch up on training and emails.  Such a nice luxury.

I'm loving that this weekend marks the beginning of Holy week.  Palm Sunday always helps me get my mind right to prepare for Easter.

I'm loving that on the way to Memphis, I am hoping for a quick stop at one of my old favorites :)

I'm loving these two boys....

What are you loving?!?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh what a weekend!  My weekend was packed and I loved it!  Here is an photo recap...

Thursday night I headed to Exit/In with my friend Julie to catch a band, American Aquarium.  She has known the band for several years and likes to support them when they stop by Music City.  I love live music, so I'm always happy to check out a new band.

My dear friends Candace and Caylon came into town from Olive Branch, MS Friday night.  After snapping a few pics outside the condo, we headed to a fun southern dinner complete with a champagne toast!  Mere Bulles is in Maryland Farms and did not disappoint, the strawberry pullapart cake was such a treat.

After laughing, eating and drinking, we headed back home to get ready for an early morning at pancake pantry.  You know I couldn't let them come visit without visiting this Nashville tradition! 

Since Zeta Vandy's celebration luncheon was Saturday afternoon, Candace and Caylon headed to Green Hills and Yazoo Brewery for the afternoon, while I played Nashville hostess for the banquet.  They loved the tour and brews at Yazoo, and the luncheon was a success.  It was so exciting for 100 new Zeta babies to join the legacy. 

Then to the Predators game!  The stadium was packed, the preds won, and we all cheered...winning!  It was great to share this love of ours with friends. 

Sunday morning our guests were off and we met J's family and friends at Loveless Cafe for a great lunch and then topped it off with Bobby's Dairy Dip!  Finishing the weekend with church and watching the Preds game and Grizzlies Sunday night, it was a GREAT weekend!

Now, let me plan on extra workouts this week to balance out all of my indulgences this weekend...

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend too!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashionable Friday

One trend this season that keeps popping up everywhere I turn is a red and teal combo.  I think it may be replacing the yellow/grey combo of 2011.  It all started when Emily Maynard stepped out as the new bachelorette...
But now, I'm seeing it everywhere!

I am usually hesitant to throw 2 brights together like that, but color blocking is the trend of the season...what do you think?!?!

Happy Friday loves!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Touchdown Thursday! Girlfriend's Guide to Sports!

My oh my, there are sooo many things going on in the sports world, so here is your 60 second breakdown....

Peyton was released by the Colts (they will be drafting a new QB in the draft with the first pick) and is now a Denver Bronco.

Tim Tebow was traded from the Broncos to the NY Jets. 

Sean Payton, the coach of the Saints, was suspended for 1 YEAR for 2012 bounty-gate.  Basically his staff was encouraging their defense to "take players out" for a bounty....the commissioner sent a loud message that safety is #1 and this behavior is beyond unacceptable.

Hines Ward of the Steelers and (DWTS champ) retired from the black and gold this past week.  As much as I despise the terrible towels, it is a little bittersweet to see such a genuine goodbye.

In other news....

Only about 13 days until Baseball Season!

More NCAA tourney games this is your bracket?

And, NHL and NBA are in the back stretch of their seasons the Grizz and Predators are looking forward to the playoffs! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guest Post: What Emily's Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Loves!  Today is a very special edition of WILW, because my BFF Emily is guest posting.  Meet Emily :)

pardon my shiny face, next time Em will tell me to find some powder!
Em and I were roommates for our four fabulous years at CBU, and have know each other for over 10 years.  This doll is the sweetest friend that has been there for me through thick and thin, and I would not be who I am today without her :)

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

First and foremost- I am loving that Julie is letting me share a guest post for WILW!

I’m loving my big switch from boot-camp fitness to YMCA MuscleWorks and Pilates classes…not to mention instructors who rhyme… “tap knees…. Tap toes… upright rows!”
I’m loving  the amazing Cherry Blossom Trees in bloom! And the much needed brush-up on a little USA history.
I’m loving the bright purses this spring… especially the few that have made their way into my closet.
I’m loving patios… specifically those with margaritas and a view.


I’m loving the infinite uses of burlap and chalkboard to help decorate for our friend’s upcoming couples shower… and loving that Julie will be there to celebrate with us!