Monday, March 5, 2012

It's a Great Day!

Well if your Monday is going anything like mine, you may need a little pick-me-up.  I should have know that after being out of the office last week, this week would be a whirlwind!  Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, sending positive thoughts your way!
One thing to brighten anyone's day is junk reality TV.  Who is looking forward to Women Tell All?!?! Courtney is crazy and I still am embarrassed for Casey throwing herself at him and I think Ben is the creepiest bachelor ever, this will be epic.  Ok, maybe not epic, but fun to watch while multi-tasking at the very least :)
While I'm talking about TV that is turning my brain into mush, is anyone else loving Khloe and Lamar or Bethanny Ever After?  How about the new Sunday night sitcom GCB?  Guilty Pleasure Confession!

This weekend I also hit up a Zumba class, took J to Mafiaoza's to take the edge off after the exam, and went to church.  The key message from Mass was that our main goal in life should be to get to heaven.  Plain and simple.  It's a lot easier to make everyday decisions with that one goal in mind.  Keep the vision in mind and make your decisions accordingly. 

Randomness at it's finest.  Sorry for the boring post, I will do better tomorrow for Tour Guide Tuesday!


  1. I'm getting the homily through these posts! Keep it coming!!

  2. I love that first quote and the last picture! It is just what I needed today!