Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday: Downtown Franklin


Downtown Franklin
Downtown Franklin features over 150 shops in a 15 block downtown area, and exploring everything they have to offer is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday.  The picturesque downtown features a great mix of local restaurants and stores and a few familiar names as well.  You could start your afternoon with a light lunch at Dumplins or Meridees or grab a pizza at Mellow Mushroom.  Then peruse through some of Franklin's finest shops.  Words cannot convey the small town, homey feeling you get from these city streets, so I will try to let the photos do the talking here :)

Philanthropy is a trendy boutique with a heart.  With at least 10% of their profits supporting causes near and dear to their heart, I try to support Philanthropy whenever I can.  The walls are covered in flowy, lacey and delicate womens clothing and a men's section that J describes as "Keith Urban" country.  You can find unique clothing, inspirational jewlery and even a hobo clutch at this shop.

 The Iron Gate is a beautiful home store featuring a Restoration Hardware vibe.

Lulu's is an adorable home store as well.  I'm in love....

I'm not even sure if the pictures do it justice, so next time you have a free afternoon, take the short trip down I-65 to Franklin, slow down a bit and enjoy the day.

 Most photos from store websites or downtownfranklintn.com

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