Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome Peyton!

Where was I after work yesterday?  With the other crazies welcoming Peyton to Nashville at the Titans Practice facility of course!  Notice his UT orange pullover :)  As I mentioned before, JK is a lover of the Titans and Vols, so if the two can unite, it will be a dream come true for him.  There were plenty of fans lining the gates and about a dozen camera crews on hand to keep an eye on Peyton Watch 2012.  We drove past the facility a few times and parked in a lot across the street to scope out Peyton, but unfortunately, no sighting because Peyton didn't leave until after 9pm. Word on the street is that he has narrowed his choice down to the Titans and Broncos, so cross your fingers as we wait for the big announcement!
This is Bud, he is our owner, and he has made it perfectly clear to his staff: Peyton or Bust.  Bud is 89 and has never won a Super Bowl, so his eyes are on the prize!   
Here are my top 5 reasons Peyton should come to Nashville!
2. His wife is from Memphis, so they will be close to family.
3. Bud Adams has already offered him a front office position after his playing time is over.
4. He would stay in the same conference and the same division. 
5. We would be an offensive powerhouse with Chris Johnson and a healthy Kenny Britt.


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  1. I hope he stays in Tennessee!! I see it being a much better choice and I'm sure he does too! :)