Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

 Mother's Day is 3 weeks away!  If you are planning on ordering anything custom, you better get to it.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for May 13th, 2012.

I love supporting small businesses, check out this personalized family tree pillow from Etsy.

Does your mother have a Pandora bracelet yet?  They are a little piece of luxery that is unique to each proud owner (not to mention, a great go to for all occasions and holidays :)) 
Check out this cute stationary from Minted!  Everyone loves pretty paper.

Here is another ETSY piece that is just perfect for every mom.  Did anyone else bawl their eyes out the first time reading this book?

For those Mom's that love to host girls night, these stemless monogrammed champaign glasses are adorable.
Here is a different idea, subway art, capture your parents wedding day, each child's birthday and any other special dates in your family....hey, it will be a nice reminder of special days for everyone as well as a cute piece of art.

Aren't these jewlery boxes gorgeous?!?  Of course, a pottery barn find.

Hope in a Jar was featured on Oprah's Favorite Things, so you know it must work magic :)
Don't forget a mani pedi!  That is always a popular and well appreciated option.

And, there are plenty of places to spoil mom with a Mother's Day Brunch.  Try Mere Bulles in Brentwood, Germantown Cafe off 5th Ave N, or the Capitol Grill in the Capitol Hotel.  A great meal to show your Mother, Grandmother, or Mother-In-Love how much you truly appreciate everything she does!

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  1. I had a teacher read us that book in my children's literature class this semester. I left in tears. I loved it.