Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday: The Pharmacy

Since I am a little under the weather, the perfect TGT is for a new East Nashville sensation, the Pharmacy!

Yes a Burger Parlor and Beer Garden.  I must admit, I have been a little East Nashville naive up until the last couple months, and now I find the east side to be a new go-to.

 The Pharmacy is a branch of the Holland House, also in East Nashville.  This burger joint has a chill environment unlike any other I have come across in town.  From REAL cream sodas to malts to craft beer, this soda shop has something for everyone!
 I haven't even mentioned the menu yet.  Pictured above is the Farm Burger, complete with a fried egg and country ham :)  Don't judge it til you try it, it is actually incredible. 
One of the most fun features of this new hot spot is the beer garden.  With plenty of space and picnic tables, I see this greenway as a place to mix and mingle in this beautiful weather we have been having.  Moderate prices, tasty food, and always something new to try...I was sold after my first taste of orange cream soda. 

You can follow The Pharmacy on facebook or twitter, @ThePharmacy1

Next time you are looking for a charming burger joint with options for everyone, check out the pharm...yeah, we are already on a nickname basis :)

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