Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Loves!

I'm loving that my Memphis besties had a fabulous time in NYC celebrating Taylor.  I am disappointed I was not able to join in the fun, but so glad they lived it up!

I'm loving that JK is OFFICIAL.  He was sworn in yesterday in the Davidson County Courthouse and celebrated with his entire family by attending the ceremony then indulging in an amazing family meal at Maggianos.  Now we are in full "Let's Open a Law Firm" mode, and couldn't be more excited. 

I'm loving that Giuliana and Bill are finally getting their baby!  I absolutely love G&B.  Have you watched their reality show on Style?  They are such an inspirational couple.  They have ups and downs, but focus on the positive.  They also have a book that is very open and encouraging.  It seems as if Bill uses a lot of the life lessons and business principles he has learned through the years to keep the relationship on track, and Giuliana adds a dash of fun and youthfulness to the mix.  With so many negative reality couples on TV, it is refreshing to have a sneak peak into their "reality".

I'm loving that THE WORLDS BIGGEST FISH FRY celebration is this weekend.  This is not my first trip to the rodeo, I feel like I'm a fish fry regular.  This is Paris, TN's claim to fame, and since Paris is the home town of my better half, we make a point to try to attend the big parade every year.  The week of the Fish Fry includes a huge parade down the highway, a carnival, a small fry parade for the little ones, catfish races, and we can't forget the all you can eat fish tent.  If you are looking for this girl Friday, I will be in P-Town celebrating Catfish :)

I'm loving these accessories :) Anthropologie and Kate Spade

And how can I forget THE PREDS!  I'm loving that the Preds are revving up for Round 2 of the Playoffs vs. Phoenix....Welcome to SMASHVILLE Coyotes. 

What are you loving?!?


  1. I'm from Paris!! I love everything about the Fish Fry from the rodeo to the parade and all of the funnel cakes in between!

  2. I am with you about G&B. I cry up everytime I see the footage of them hearing the news. Love the blog!

  3. I don't know much about Guiliana and Bill Rancic, and have never seen their show, but I just Googled them and they seem pretty cool, and whole lot nicer than some other reality TV couples. :)
    Dropping by from WILW. :)