Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear John, I still love you!

As I mentioned yesterday, the new John Mayer album came out this week, and while listening to it, I was reminded of my 10+ year love affair with JM.  I think John Mayer was my first "real" concert.  2002, Mud Island, Memphis, TN.

Poor John has kinda gotten a bad rap....from dating Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, and Taylor Swift, he has the cocky player that won't commit label.  Especially after Taylor's song Dear John came out and said "you have a sick need to give love then take it away" and accusing him of playing "sick, twisted games".  Not to mention his less than flattering interviews.
To write his 5th studio album, Born and Raised, John retreated to Montana to get away from LA and NYC, out of the media spotlight and just get back to writing.  The album has a little of everything in it, it is soulful and playful, and parts of it sound like something straight from my dad's classic soft rock, hippie collection, with a bluesy/bluegrass flair (how is that for a description?!?) John is such a talented guitarist and lyricist....I appreciate the genuine talent. 

I'm loving this new album.  So far my favorites are....

Love is a Verb
Love is a verb, it ain't a thing, it's not something you hold, it's not something you scream.
Love ain't a crutch, It ain't an excuse, No you can't get through love, On just a pile of IOUs
So you gotta show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
That love is a verb

Shadow Days
It sucks to be honest and it hurts to be real....

I'm a good man with a good heart
Had a tough time, got a rough start
But I finally learned to let it go
Now I'm right here, and I'm right now
And I'm hoping, knowing somehow
That my shadows days are over
My shadow days are over now

Speak for Me
Now the cover of a Rolling Stone, ain't the cover of a Rolling Stone, and the music on my radio ain't supposed to make me feel alone. 

Oh, I will always love My Stupid Mouth, Why Georgia, I'm Gonna Find Another You, Stop this Train, Comfortable....I could go on forever. 

Me and John, we grew up together. 

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