Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GGTS: Draft, Playoffs, and Carrie

There is so much going on in the sports world right now, it is hard to keep up with everything.  Between the NFL draft last weekend and the NHL and NBA in the midst of the playoffs, here is a recap of what you need to know.

The NFL Draft
The first pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the draft was Andrew Luck.  So they lost Peyton, but snatched up the alleged second coming of Peyton....Tennessee fans are bummed.

 The second pick in the draft was also a quarterback, RGIII.  He played for Baylor and now can call himself a Redskin.  He won the Heisman in 2011. 

The Titans picked up Kendall Wright, a receiver in the first round of the draft.  With Kenny Britt back in action this season, Wright will add a new element to our offense.

Round 2 of Playoffs
Vs. Phoenix Coyotes

We are down to 8 teams in the NHL playoffs.  Our beloved Preds killed the Red Wings in Round 1, but are struggling with the Coyotes in R2.  We are down 0-2 so far this series, but the Preds will be back in Smashville tomorrow and Friday.  In a nutshell, our defense has fallen apart.  Poor Pekka (the goalie) has not had the support and coverage from the team he needs to keep the puck out of the net.  Hopefully home court advantage will play in our favor for the next 2 games.
Grit, Grind, Grizzzzz
Round 1 of Playoffs
Vs. LA Clippers

WHAT HAPPENED IN GAME 1?!?! Here's the scoop....The Grizzlies were winning by a landslide (over 20 points) most of the game, so I headed to bed and missed the last quarter of the game.  Needless to say, this headline was a shocker to me Monday morning...Clippers rally from 27 down, stun Grizzlies 99-98.  WOW...the momentum was insane for the first 3 quarters and the stadium was electric.  Hopefully the 2 day break will allow them time to shake off this disheartening loss.  They are now 0-1 in the series and will play again Wednesday as well.

Carrie Love
Carrie recently did an interview with ESPN about being a hockey wife....here is a snippet of her fill-in-the-blank segment.  Read the full article here.

I think playoff beards are awesome because my husband makes one look sooooo sexy!I have nightmares about the Zamboni.

Seeing Mike win a Stanley Cup is on my sports bucket List.

Screaming at the refs is my guilty pleasure during games.

If I could play any professional sport I would love to play 
football (I was a pretty mean quarterback for the Tri Sigmas during Greek Week).

Now you know what I know :)

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