Monday, May 14, 2012

I Call You Friends

Happy Monday!  A brief blogging hiatus has ended, but very busy again this week, so it will be short and sweet today :)

1. It was a pretty lazy weekend, but I did get a few things accomplished.  I went to court with JK Friday, celebrated my sweet mother Saturday night with dinner, and as usual, went to Mass yesterday.  Top that off with a big grocery store visit, a sushi night with strawberry sushi, and  several loads of laundry.....a successful weekend indeed.

2. One of the main messages from Mass Sunday was around the message in the gospel of John when Jesus refers to us as friends instead of slaves.  It seems as if the word"friend" has lost some of its meaning.  I have over a thousand friends on facebook. and I often tend to refer to people I am "friendly" towards as friends.  When I think of the real meaning of friends, I can count them in single digits.....

It's not a bad thing, rather just taking a step back to realize what the deeper meaning of the passage meant. 

Being a friend is a choice. 
Being a friend takes a lot of effort. 
And true friends are the best gifts in the world. 

How good of a friend to Jesus are you?
3. Bachelorette Emily starts TONIGHT!  I don't watch too much TV, but for some reason, I'm a Bachelor/Bachelorette sucker EVERY TIME!  Since the Grizzlies and Preds are out of the playoffs, a little more "family" TV time has freed-up :)


  1. I'm glad you're back. We sang What a Friend We Have in Jesus (a whole medley), and I love what you said about friends!

  2. What you said is so true! So glad to have you back! I hope your week is wonderful!