Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday: Sweet CeCe's

 Let's get your Tuesday started off right!  Thanks for reading...


This is a Franklin original sensation, that has grown to a franchise.  The flagship shop is in the heart of downtown Franklin, and many years ago, that's where we fell in love (me and Cece that is) :)  Now you can find Sweet Cece's locations in every corner of Nashville and across the fine state of Tennessee.  Low fat treats are always on the top of my to-do list.

Similar to FroYo, Pink Berry and Menchies, here is the low down....

Step 1: Choose your frozen yogurt! 
 I love berry, cake batter and chocolate.

Step 2: Load up on toppings! 
From candy to fruit to sprinkles to cereal, you can find everything under the sun to spice up your yogurt. 

From Sweetceces.com

Step 3: Weigh, pay and ENJOY!

My pictures above are from the location in Green Hills, but you can usually find me at the shop in the Gulch!  JK and I have made this a weekly tradition.

Tips for Cece's
1. If you are in Franklin, visit the flagship store.  I think they have done a great job lacing the charm of the original in each franchise, but you know the original is always the best!
2. Sweet Cece's can be a pricey treat, they have groupons occasionally and also offer punch card.  Tuesday is 2-Punch-Tuesday at Cece's!


  1. love Sweet CeCe's! We have two in Memphis now :)

  2. We have one of these in Jackson, but I still haven't been...

  3. We ave a sweet CeCe's but it can get pricey if you don't watch what you are adding to it.

  4. I love Sweet CeCe's and totally agree about the Franklin location. I frequent the one in Brentwood - and am usually the person who turns the dial on one of the topping vials and gets Reese Pieces everywhere.