Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hood Rat, West Virginia, Backwoods Emily

Today, we toast you Miss Hood Rat, Back Woods, West Virginia Bachelorette.  Don't mess with Mama Bear, she will always, and rightfully so, protect her precious baby. 

The situation was dramatized by the editing and producers, but sometimes I wonder how clueless some of these guys are!  How hard can it be to keep your best foot forward (and out of your mouth) for the few weeks of taping?  I really liked Sean's cute pun referring to Ricky as a Louie Vuitton luggage set.  Emily wants someone to look at the package deal like a shiny Christmas present with a sparkly tag, not a burden to take on....It all goes back to how you choose to look at things, and Kalon chose the wrong approach. 

I've got my money on the blondie, Sean, Arie the race car driver, or Jeff the one with the hair.  Sometimes I wish they could just get rid of everyone else when it is so obvious this early in the season that she is smitten with these guys, so she could just focus all of the rest of the time on picking the right one :) snap back to reality julie, it's just a tv show!

Emily, run from Ryan.

Are you watching this season?  I'm an addict.
P.S.  I have also heard rumors that Roberto is the next Bachelor.....

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