Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Distance Relationships Make You Crazy

A couple of blogging friends (for example, Kristen) have posted recently about the pain of a long distance relationship, and as a long distance survivor, I feel like an older sister that can provide a little slice of hope for you hopeless romantics.

We have A LOT of car pics :)
Here is a little background on our LDR. JK and I met before our junior year of college, but he went to UT Martin, and I went to Christian Brothers University in Memphis. After those 2 years in college, I moved to Little Rock to work at L'Oreal. I loved the company, my position, and my coworkers. It was the opportunity I was looking for out of college and I was ready to set the business world on fire. But, JK moved to Nashville for law school.... I stayed in Little Rock for almost 3.5 years before moving to Nashville in August 2010.

5 Crazy LDR Moments to Make You Feel Better

1. When we first started dating, I was on Cingular and JK on Verizon....We allotted 10 daytime minutes a day to stay within his plan restrictions and both counted down the minutes until 9:00 free talk :) My mom quickly resolved this issue as soon as our contract was up, THANKS MOM!
2. There were plenty of times one of us woke up at 4 or 5 am, to drive back to work or school. Those extra hours were as sweet as honey and leave until the last minute.

3. For the trips from Little Rock to Nashville, I knew I could get there in 5 hours flat if I had a full tank of gas, left straight from work and did not stop for any reason. So I did....somehow it always took JK like 7 hours....7 PAINFUL hours.

4. Almost every time we had to leave each other, I would cry like a baby. Not one little tear, we are talking ugly cry + temper tantrum + begging him to stay. So Kristen, no you are not crazy.....just crazy in love :)

5. My web cam was one of the best tools to ease the pain. Being able to talk on the phone is one thing, but actually seeing each other? That was awesome. (I'm totally talking PG rating....but if you say web cam in public, you get the crazy eye)

There were times I questioned if the little time we got to spend together compared with the pain of being apart. There were times when there was no end in sight and it was difficult to hang on. And, there were times, the poison of being apart tainted our precious time together....good news, I am the only crazy one in this relationship :)

One day I woke up and realized life was too short for the emotional roller coaster of long distance dating. Sure, my job brought me happiness and satisfaction, but my love brought me more. I couldn't bare to think about having to be apart for any more time, so I made the move. I do miss L'Oreal, my coworkers, and all of the great opportunities I had with the company, but I welcome a normal life of being able to eat dinner together everyday, being there for every milestone in each other's life, and having a solid trusting foundation from our years apart.

Love you boo.

Any other Long Distance Survivors out there?!?

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  1. WOW that is a long time in a long distance relationship. Good for y'all for making it that long!!
    UTM is where I went to school too!