Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tour Guide Tuesday: Jason James Band


Jason James Band

One thing the music city has to offer is great live music, every hour, at almost every bar downtown.  You can hear struggling artists sharing originals or house bands covering Country's Top 40.  Rarely am I disappointed with the live music downtown is offering, but my go-to band is the Jason James band for a honky-tonkin-dance-your-booty-off, good time! 

Jason James knows how to pump up the crowd, has a great play list, and the band is rockin :)  They play at Crossroads (near Rippy's) on Thursdays and at Paradise Park on Friday and Saturday nights.  I guarantee the bar will be packed and you will sing and dance with a few hundred of your new best friends. 

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  1. This post just made me so happy to see! I LOVE this band! I tend to stick to Midtown but I venture downtown at least once a month to catch him. There's something about singing Garth Brooks and Alabama covers on Lower Broadway... :)