Monday, June 18, 2012


Happy Monday Friends!  I am planning a wedding recap post later this week, but today here is a quick fitness inspiration post :)

There are so many work out plans (crossfit, zumba, running, spin, swimming, boot-camp, P-90X, yoga...) but the kicker is to find what works for you.  For me, mixing it up is the best bet.  I get bored doing the same workout everyday, so I try a little of everything.  But, healthy eating is as important as working out for your healthy figure.  I typically reach for fruit when I'm looking for a healthy/low calorie snack, check out these tips from Pinterest.

One superficial motivator that I sometimes fall on to give me a boost to want to work out is cute workout clothes :) yeah, I just said that.....Target and Old Navy have some great options!

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