Friday, July 20, 2012

Arie or Jef?!?

The finale for the Bachelorette is SUNDAY!  Will it be Arie or Jef?  Let's discuss :)

Key Stats: Age 30, lives in Arizona, Race Car Driver
Pros: Emily obviously likes to kiss Arie, he loves racing, she loves racing, he is pretty
Cons: Have they stopped kissing long enough to see if they have anything in common?

Key Stats: Age 27, Lives in Salt Lake City, Entrepreneur
Pros: His family lives on a really nice farm, he is cool, he and Emily have goofy fun together
Cons: His hair is different, he only spells his name with on f, he wears skinny jeans

Who will she choose?

JK has his money on Jef...I'm making a game time decision ;)  Emily has been such a fun bachelorette to follow.  She is genuinely sweet, classicaly beautiful, and keeps her priorites in mind always.  Tune in Sunday.

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