Monday, July 30, 2012

High School Reunion!

Saturday was a big day for JK, his 10 year high school reunion (Of course I'm not old enough yet :)).  We headed to his hometown, Paris, TN this past weekend, and had an absolute blast!  I loved meeting all of his classmates and best guy buds from his past life.  With all of the stories and reminiscing, I couldn't help but reflect on my high school years. 

I went to a small Catholic school from K-8 and headed to a large (1500-2000 kids) public high school in 9th grade.  I focused on my academics from day one and primarily took honors classes, knowing college was my end goal.  I breezed through most subjects without an ounce of trouble.  Until I got to pre-calculus, that class quickly taught me how hard I would have to work to succeed.  I was on the yearbook staff a couple years, and I loved the creativity of the group.  I was very involved with my church youth group and treasured every minute of it.  I grasped at every chance of a leadership role whether it be co-president of our youth group or a club president, if I was a part of it, I wanted to influence it.  I played tennis, for the high school team, and while I wasn't the all star, I had a ball with the girls on the team. The tennis coach was also my chemistry teacher and he led me to choose chemical engineering as a major in college.   
During high school, I was introduced to a wide array of cultures.  I learned what a hair weave was because it was left over on the sidewalk after a fight.  Through the kids participating in See You at the Pole, I saw what separation of church and state really meant.  My eyes were opened to teen moms, drugs, and alternative school.  Suddenly my small world was not so black and white.

It wasn't until high school that I started to notice boys in a different way.  I had plenty of things going on, so having a boyfriend was never my first priority....but of course one eventually came along.  I had my first dose of how life changes once girls get boyfriends. 

I'm not sure what clique I would have been classified in....I wasn't in the populars, or the athletes...I wasn't in the nerd clique and I sure wasn't goth :)  I had a small group of friends and we did well in our classes, participated in school activities, and kinda kept to ourselves.  We were nice to just about everyone and hung out with people from every clique. 

I don't know if I will go back to my HS reunion, frankly I think it would just be awkward....maybe I will, who knows ;)

I can say this though....high school helped mold me into the person I am today.  In the big world of HS, I was able to stay true to myself and the great morals and values that were instilled in me.  I had the opportunity to interact with teens with so many different backgrounds.  I didn't love high school, I wasn't academically challenged often, the school was older and needed major physical improvements, the teachers spent most of their time with dicipline issues instead of being able to teach, and I was a little awkward :) but it did help me learn one life lesson.... 

When you step out of your comfort zone, that's when you grow as a person.   

And for that life lesson, I will be forever grateful. 


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  1. I skipped my HS reunion. Facebook has changed reunions forever because I already know everyones business and what they look like now. Glad you had fun meeting old friends.