Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that tomorrow marks the beginning of GIRL'S LAKE TRIP 2012!  My dear friend Emily has hosted her 7 closest friends on an annual girls lake trip for as long as I can remember :)  I'm heading to Hot Springs, AR after work tomorrow, and can barely contain my excitement!!!  The weather report looks amazing as well!

I'm loving that we are 6 short weeks away from the kickoff of COLLEGE FOOTBALL!  My beloved Vols kickoff the season on Friday, August 31, and I'm ready.  Shopping for orange and white is always fun too (Val's Boutique in Knoxville is my FAVORITE place to shop for orange and white)....check out these game day looks :)

Val's Boutique in Knoxville

Val's Boutique in Knoxville

I'm loving that HOPEFULLY JK and I will be taking a vaca with my parents in August.  Mom and I have run into a few roadblocks in our planning, but the beach is calling our name, so we MUST answer.

I'm loving that last Saturday, during the ZUMBA class I attended at the Y, the instructor serenaded us with a Backstreet Boys song for the cool down song, AND BSB are planning a 20th anniversary tour!  OMG I'm officially old.  Have they really been around 20 years?!?

I'm also loving my new inspirational quote "Pray or Worry, not both".  It has opened my eyes to a whole new appreciation for prayer. 

What are you loving this beautiful, sunny, and happy Wednesday?


  1. Hey Julie! New follower here loving your blog! You look like you had an amazing time on the lake. I personally like the dress on the left. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. i am so excited about lake weekend!!! and this years pictures with our "neon" theme should be equally as great! Cannot wait to see you. Save driving!