Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cruise Recap: Key West

The first stop on our cruise was Key West, FL.  After setting sail from Ft. Lauderdale Sunday around 4:00 pm, we arrived in Key West bright and early Monday morning.  Mom booked us a city hop on hop off tour of the city prior to our departure, and we eagerly jumped aboard the trolley quickly after docking.  The main activities/attractions in Key West centered around Hemingway's house and pub crawls, but for me, that just wasn't going to cut it....I needed to see the beach! 

The hop on hop off was the perfect way to explore the adorable town of Key West.  The first loop, we just rode and listened to the guide to find out the history and hot spots.  Did you know the name Key West comes the Spanish name Cayo Hueso?  It means Bone Island; it is said that the island was littered with the bones from a Native American battlefield.

JK and me on the Trolley

Key West Art and History Center

Charming Architecture

The Original

Most Stolen Landmark

Pictures on the Pier

Chickens ruled the streets
The highlight of mom's and my day, key lime pie on a stick!
During our second loop, the boys got off and toured the Hemingway House, but mom and I declined because there were 44 cats living inside and she is highly allergic.  We happily sipped iced tea at the 6 toed cat cafe while they toured. 
***The cats in the house have 6 toes!

Meet the 6 toed cat!
We also hopped off at the most important part....the BEACH! 

Let's just say I was slightly disappointed with the lack of beach.  Maybe I have been spoiled by PCB, Gulf Shores, and Destin, but the beach was not what I expected.  It was rocky, seaweady, and grainy, not smooth, clear or soft.
Where I started to realize we wern't in the panhandle....

I'm gritting my teeth because of the less than desirable beach :)

JK showing off the Rocks
 The town was lined with cute wooden houses with metal roofs, plenty of restaurants and bars, and seemed to embrace a liberal, carefree culture.  Full of personality and adventure, Key West's classic charm was quite a sight to see.

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