Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Miley,

Dear Miley,

Before your life gets out of control, I would like to bring to your attention the similarities of your recent life developments and that of the ever famous Britney Spears.  Hopefully, you will see that history does indeed repeat itself, stop in your tracks, and think seriously about your next steps...

Brit-Brit and you both got your start as squeaky clean Disney stars, and it seems anyone who starts out with a Disney image only has one way to go....

You and Britney both easily transitioned from Disney stars to pop princesses.  You both became famous for fun, catchy, pop songs, everyone wants to sing!  

Your performances have been controversial, but so were Brit's...

After a spur of the moment Vegas wedding, at the age of 22, Britney was engaged to the love of her life, ole K-Fed.  You, my dear, are currently engaged and underage to your sweet boy toy Liam.  Now, I'm not saying your Aussie love affair should be compared to that of K-Fed, but it's starting to get a little similar.

The latest common string is the one that has us all speak 1000 words.

So, Miley, you have the world at your fingertips, please don't let this be a sign of a downward spiral :)  I hope this is just a new trend you are setting and your Hollywood marriage lasts forever, but don't let the past repeat itself!

With best intentions,

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  1. Love this and oh. so true!! Hahaha - I never have compared the 2 before, but man... these girls have a crazy amount in common. Pun (on the crazy) intended! :)