Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Football Time in Tennessee!

Well Ladies and Gents, the magical day has arrived, Tennessee football kicks off tonight.  This is the weekend everyone still has hope in their hearts that this will be the year for their team.  To get your mind right for tonight's match-up, here are 6 names you need to know!

1.  Keep your eye on the man in the orange pants, my fingers are crossed for a breakout season for Coach Dooley.
2.  Mr. Tyler Bray is back and healthy, as long as we can keep our QB safe, he has the potential for a record breaking season. 
3.  AJ Johnson is projected to be our top tackle after an impressive freshman season.
4&5. Justin Hunter and Da'Rick Rogers were projected to be the top receiving duo in the country, then Da'Rick got Justin and Da'Rick  Cordarrell Paterson.  Cordarrell is projected to be quite an impressive receiver too!
6.  Printess Wagner is a defensive back hungry for interceptions. He will be very fun to watch on defense!  Our defense is projected to make major improvements this year.

Now that the team is healthy, this will be a fun year! GBO!

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