Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Excitement!

Happy Monday!  I had a great relaxing weekend and am all rested up for an exciting week.  This weekend consisted of catching up with girlfriends, tax-free shopping, visiting with my parents, a little housework and church. This week is going to be a busy one, but I'm excited about all it has in store.

1.  JK and I scored free tickets to see Sugar Ray and Everclear at Bridgestone tonight :)  I'm looking forward to reliving the 90's with Every Morning, I Will Buy You a New Life, and Wonderful
2. I'm signed up to run a 5k this weekend.  This will probably be one of those ides that sounded good while sitting at my computer, but sound like a terrible idea challenge Saturday morning.  Stay tuned.

3.  Countdown til cruise vacation is on!  T-12 days til we set sail to the islands :)  Fingers crossed the hurricanes have moved on to bigger and better things by then!

4.  Tax free weekend shopping success.  My parents came in town this weekend and snagged a few more trip necessities too; shopping for deals is like second nature for me and my mom.  I will admit that before the flood, I was not the biggest fan of Opry Mills, but since the reno, it is one of my favorite shopping venues!  The deals are incredible (especially when you get on the mailing lists for extra savings).  I am now a full supporter of Opry Mills.  Disclaimer: It always feels like the day after Thanksgiving on the weekends, but if you can manage the crowd, go early, or shop on a week day, it is so worth it.
5.  I had a celeb sighting this weekend....I went to lunch with a few girlfriends at J. Alexanders on West End.  As we were chatting over our salads, Molly's face dropped and she said, "Reba just walked in!!!" Playing it cool, we all kept to ourselves as she waltzed by our table to head to the ladies room.  We got a great view of her on the way out of the ladies room and it was 100% REBA!  I died a little in the booth :)  She is just as beautiful in person as on TV, and her hair was it's usual firey perfection.  She was rocking jeans and an American Flag t-shirt.  Oh, I love Nashville!  I think she was in town to do press for her new sitcom, Malibu Country.

That's what's going on in Sweet Home Nashville,


  1. I love celebrity sightings. We saw Kimberly Williams Paisley in our Kindermusic class and Evie Bentley in our Gymboree class. That's one of the major perks to Nashville living.

  2. I hit up Opry Mills this weekend too! It took me twice as long to get in and park than it did to get there. But the deals were unbeatable. Love Tax-Free weekend! I stocked up on some fun office supplies too. ;)