Thursday, August 2, 2012

Paisley Attention to Me

I love Sephoria...seriously, if I go in, I loose track of time like a kid in a candy store.  Here are my favorite beauty finds this year!

This old classic is a new love for me.  I grew up on the Clinique 3 step facial cleansing system, and have recently fallen back in love with this beauty secret.  The clarifying lotion is an everyday exfoliant that cleans my skin clear from any dirt and grime left over after washing my face.  The dramatically different lotion is fragrance free and leaves skin silky smooth. 

This foundation by Make Up For Ever creates a flawless glow!  I apply it on top of the Clinique lotion, and love the coverage.

Fingernail polish is a tricky subject.  Between awkward colors and chipping, a great polish is hard to find.  I'm elated I found these OPI for Sephoria colors!  They go on smoothly, last longer than most, and I'm in love with the top coat below.  I have my eye on several other shades as well :)

 I know I have sung the praise to the Nakeds more than once, but I will do it again.  This is a pricey pallet, but worth every penny.  It looks incredible, the color combinations are great and I got it for Christmas and it is still going strong!

This Benefit blush has the perfect punch of color for summer.  I am always enamored by Benefit Cosmetic's packaging and creative products.  I have never been disappointed by a Benefit purchase.

I don't love everything I try....

I tried Sephoria's mascara and liquid liner and was not impressed, but because of their excellent all returns accepted policy, I was able to return them and get store credit for something I loved.  I can't say enough great things about Sephoria.

Any new beauty finds on your list?


  1. I LOVE that Naked Palette! Great colors, all in one container, so perfect!

  2. I swear by the Two-Faced eye cream foundation. my eye makeup never crumbles/creases anymore.

    thanks for the tips!