Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cruise Recap: Grand Cayman

The next stop on our cruise was Grand Cayman.  The island was about 22 miles long and 8 miles wide.  The most prevalent business on the island was banking, there were somewhere between 600-800 banks on the island.  In Grand Cayman, we snorkeled at Paradise Point, took tour of the city and had a chance to relax on 7 mile beach.  Enjoy the pics :)

Picturesque water!

The snorkeling was such a fun adventure.  The water was calm enough to get a good look at the fish and plants underwater.  JK got a trusty old school water proof camera to document our findings.  We saw hundreds of fish and they were bright and beautiful!

Limestone formations on the island created a tourist point called Hell.  In Hell, a couple local boys were selling photos with iguanas they caught that morning. 

Finally we found a great beach!  This is 7 mile beach :)  The water was cool, clear and although the beach was crowded, I was excited to have my toes in the water.

Mom and Dad on the Beach
We got a lot accomplished in our time at the Caymans!  This was JK's favorite stop of the trip, but I really loved the "jungle" feel of Jamaica.  Those pics are coming up soon!

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