Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Heirlooms

Last weekend when my parents came to visit for my sister and my birthday, they came bearing many birthday treats, gifts and one BIG surprise. Secretly, over the last several months, they have been collecting family jewlery that has been hiding away in drawers and boxes, and they have been working with a local jeweler to have two beautiful rings created. During our birthday lunch, mom and dad, like kids excited on Christmas morning, presented my sister and I with ring boxes! To our surprise, we opened them and found these beautiful family pieces.

The sapphire centered surrounded by the diamonds was for me. It is a ring that belonged to my dad's mother, and my parents chose to exchange the center stone to a new sapphire, my birthstone. The setting was restored and the sapphire is gorgeous! I'm in love :). I have never received such a meaningful family heirloom and treasure it more than I can express.

The ring gifted to my sister is a new setting, but the center diamond belonged to my dad's grandmother, it was her engagment ring. She passed it on to my mother and my mother had it made into a necklace. Now, it is proudly centered in the beautiful sapphire setting, also my sister's birthstone, as a family treasure for her to wear with honor and pride.

Mom and dad, thank you so much for this thoughtful gift! I know a lot of decisions, thought, and time to make it perfect, and perfect they are :).
Aren't the gorg?!?