Thursday, November 22, 2012

Be Thankful!

What a blessing that we have this wonderful holiday to count our blessings and realize what is really important in life!

Today I am in Jackson, TN preparing Thanksgiving lunch with my family then we are heading to Paris, TN to have dinner with JK's fam.  The driving can get a little cumbersome, but instead of complaining about the drive, rather we should be thankful for having family close enough to visit and a car that will get us there. 

One motto I picked up this year is,
"Change your expectation for appreciation and your world will change." 
It couldn't be more accurate. 

Today I am thankful for family, food, and, time off work.  Not to mention all of the other blessings that have come about throughout this year, JK passing the bar and opening his downtown firm, healthy family members, fantastic trips, and quality time spent with beautiful new and old friends. 

Thankful people are happy people, so let's choose to be thankful everyday.

Happy thanksgiving to you and your families :)

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