Thursday, December 13, 2012

Family Heirlooms Part 2

Back in September, I shared really thoughtful gifts from my parents to my sister and me.  They took a few old pieces of jewelry from my dad's mom's collection and created these two beauties for us.

Well they have been at it again and surprised us at Thanksgiving with two new family heirlooms. 
My mom, my mom's mom, me and my sister

They took two more rings and had them transformed into necklaces. 

The one on the left was for my sister.  It was made from a ring that belonged to my mother's great aunt, Aunt Tata.  She was my grandfather's sister.  The ring had been in my mom's jewelry box since she was 16 and she never wore it.  It is about 80 years old.

The one on the right was my grandmother's (pictured above) engagement ring.  It's about 60 years old.

Mom's Mother's Engagement Ring

Great Aunt Tata's Ring

Thanks mom, dad and granny Lela for such thoughtful gifts!

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  1. Gorgeous!!! I love these necklaces. Your parents are so thoughtful. What a treasure for you and your sister always!