Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tour Guide Tuesday: Grand Ole Opry

How am I just now getting around to writing about this Nashville staple?!? 
The Opry hosts concerts every Friday and Saturday (and sometimes Tuesdays) at the Opryland location of the Grand Ole Opry.  There isn't a bad seat in the house and there are always A-list country stars singing a set at this historic venue.  In February, everyone from Carrie Underwood to the Band Perry to Lee Greenwood and Lorie Morgan will be gracing the Opry stage.
The Opry also offers daily tours and post show tours.
For tickets, go to www.opry.com.  Tickets start at $35.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Besties Came to Nashville!

This weekend was perfect for my besties to come visit!  Sarah and Emily headed down I-40 from Memphis Friday, and I had a weekend packed full of Nashville entertainment planned for them.  Friday night we hit up The Southern and it was delicious as usual.  We called it a night after our late dinner and rested up for a full Saturday out on the town. 
Saturday we visited Emily's cousin that lives in the adorable Sylvan Park and then shopped away the afternoon in downtown Franklin.  We stopped in Bar Louie before our reservations at Virago Saturday night and prepped for our Broadway Honkey Tonk adventure.  Let's just say Paradise Park was a hit with my loves :)  Jason James rocked the house, and we had a ball singing and dancing. 
Before I sent them on their way back to Memphis, we made it to the Pharmacy Sunday for a Nashville Original burger and fries.  It was the perfect lazy Sunday treat.
There was only one small blogger fail....we barely took any PICS!  So.....I came up with a better idea, let's waltz down memory lane with my two college roomies.
Our relationship is built on a healthy love of going out, boys, John Mayer, being the "good girls", sharing secrets, SATC, and dressing up :) enjoy!
2013 from this weekend
Thank ya'll so much for coming to visit this weekend!  See ya in Memphis soon :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Loved Windy City!

To say I loved our trip to Chicago would be an understatement!  Even though it was chilly, windy and my nose may have gotten a little frost bitten, we had a blast exploring the city and checking out all of the top tourist attractions.
1. Second City Comedy Club is where starts like Tina Fey, Bill Murray and John Belushi got their start.  I'm not typically a laugh out loud kinda girl when it comes to shows or movies, but this group had me laughing like a school girl!  We caught the 8:00 show, "Who do we think we are?" and I recommend it to everyone.
2. We started our trip with a pre-dinner cocktail at the Signature Room at the John Hancock center.  After a quick ride to the 95th floor we took in outstanding views of the city.  The drinks were a little pricey, but it was still less expensive than paying to go to the observation deck.
3. I'm an Oprah fan and she has featured Garrett's popcorn a time or two on her show, so I had to try it.  I sampled the Chicago mix, half cheddar cheese and half caramel.  It was the perfect afternoon snack during our sight-seeing adventure.

4. This is Navy Pier.  I bet this area is hoppin' during the warmer months, but it was a little dead in the middle of January.  This is a must see when we return one summer to catch a Cubs game.

5. We decided the best way to see everything we wanted to see in a few days was to hop on a trolley tour.  Oh yeah, and the hat was my one and only purchase this trip....it was a little colder than this southern girl was prepared for!

6.  Deep dish pizza is a must on any chi-town must do list.  We tried out Gino's East.  I'm glad we did plenty of walking during this trip, because between hot dogs, pizza and popcorn, my jeans were a little tight.
7. Bulls vs. Grizzlies game!  This game was a nail biter, and went into overtime before the Grizz WON!  It was so much fun to see a game in such an iconic arena. 
8.  This was the highlight of my entire trip, RPM restaurant.  Everything was served tapas style and I think I could have tried everything on the menu.  Each dish we ordered, from lobster and mozzarella caprice to Mama Depandi's pasta, was better than the last.  I don't even like ricotta cheese, but the appetizer we had with ricotta and fresh bread was divine!  This had to be one of the best meals I've ever had :)
9.  Sears tower (now Willis Tower) was an architectural spectacle.  Before we got there, I swore I would not go out on the ledge, but once we were there, I couldn't resist.  Let's just say I didn't look down or inspect it too closely before hopping over to the edge to take a pic. 

10.  Have you seen a real dinosaur skeleton?!? I have!  I may not be a history buff, but visiting the Field Museum was awe inspiring.  You would probably need a week to explore the entire museum, but the little that we did see was quite impressive.

11. I will leave you with a few fun pics of "The Bean" aka Cloud Gate.  The city was filled with artistic sculptures and pieces, but the bean was incredible.  Every angle gave a different distortion and background.  It was a mecca of locals and tourists, and such a fun afternoon treat!

If you made it to the end, thanks for bearing with me!
See ya soon CHICAGO!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Starring On Nashville!

Well maybe starring is a strong word, but I did get to try my skills at being a background actress /  extra today :) 
I would love to tell you that Teddy was chatting it up with XXXX or Raina and Juliette XXX but I would probably be sued faster than reality steve :)
There was a lot of sitting and waiting, but it was a blast to see how much goes into the production! 
I will let ya'll know when my .5 seconds walk behind scene will air as soon as I know.  I got to walk behind Teddy in the courthouse....that's probably as much as I can share.
If you want to be considered for an extra role, fill out the application at onlocationcasting.com.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gone To Chi-town!

We are en route to Chi-town as we speak! I can't wait to explore the city, try new things and eat delicious food :)

See ya next week,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tour Guide Tuesday: Nashville Girls Weekend

I'm planning another exciting Nashville girls weekend for a couple of my Memphis favs, here is my usual thought process when planning a Nashvegas girls weekend.

Shopping: My go-tos are Downtown Franklin, Green Hills, Blush Boutique, Bella Boutique, and the Hill Center.


Fun Swanky Restaurants: Virago, Cabana, The Southern or Sambuca.

Fun Activities:  I suggest honkey tonks on Broadway, road tripping to Arrington Vineyard, or taking a Saturday tour of Yazoo Brewery.  If you have a large group, book the pedal tavern!

Brunch: You know ladies LOVE to brunch, try Tavern, Puffy Muffin or Pancake Pantry.


Hey Nashville girls, did I miss anything?!?