Monday, January 28, 2013

The Besties Came to Nashville!

This weekend was perfect for my besties to come visit!  Sarah and Emily headed down I-40 from Memphis Friday, and I had a weekend packed full of Nashville entertainment planned for them.  Friday night we hit up The Southern and it was delicious as usual.  We called it a night after our late dinner and rested up for a full Saturday out on the town. 
Saturday we visited Emily's cousin that lives in the adorable Sylvan Park and then shopped away the afternoon in downtown Franklin.  We stopped in Bar Louie before our reservations at Virago Saturday night and prepped for our Broadway Honkey Tonk adventure.  Let's just say Paradise Park was a hit with my loves :)  Jason James rocked the house, and we had a ball singing and dancing. 
Before I sent them on their way back to Memphis, we made it to the Pharmacy Sunday for a Nashville Original burger and fries.  It was the perfect lazy Sunday treat.
There was only one small blogger fail....we barely took any PICS!  So.....I came up with a better idea, let's waltz down memory lane with my two college roomies.
Our relationship is built on a healthy love of going out, boys, John Mayer, being the "good girls", sharing secrets, SATC, and dressing up :) enjoy!
2013 from this weekend
Thank ya'll so much for coming to visit this weekend!  See ya in Memphis soon :)

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  1. jules- i LOVED our weekend together! it was wonderful and we need to make it happen more often for sure. thanks for being the hostesst with the mostest and for picking some of the best restaurants and outings! hopefully next time you are memphis bound- we can return the favor! with "hotel" and "chauffeur" accomodations as well. hate to tell you though- you know our bakeries don't compare with nashville- so we will just go straight to mimosas...

    much love!