Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meeting the New Neighbors!

Since I'm moving into my first house soon, I'm thinking a small welcome gift to meet the neighbors will be in store.  I don't want anything too over the top, just want to make sure we all get off on the right foot :)   This may be a little old school, but I think there is something special about knowing, meeting and be-friending neighbors.


As the new neighbor, how did you meet the other people on your block?


  1. Very cute and thoughtful! I'd love to have a neighbor like you!

  2. These ideas are so cute! We moved into our first house about 3 months ago, around Valentine's Day. We bought mini mailboxes (the metal kind that kids use for Valentine collecting) and filled them with homemade chocolate chip cookies and a little note. They all seemed to really appreciate it. It was super fun to get out there and meet people!

  3. My neighbors just wandered on over as I was moving in/painting/repairing/hanging blinds/cleaning... you get the picture. You are ambitious and thoughtful my friend! Whatever you do I know they'll love having you next door :)