Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Volunteer Placement

The main reasons I joined Junior League are to get back into volunteering on a regular basis and to learn where my community needed help the most.  This year, I have had the opportunity to teach Zumba, at our annual Kids in the Kitchen event and volunteer at an Our Kids fundraiser. 

Now that my provisional year is wrapping up, I had the opportunity to submit my top 4 choices for volunteer placement and will be matched with a program very shortly.  Next year I have committed to volunteer at least 40 hours with my assigned organization.  Here is a little tidbit about the 4 I chose...

1. Monroe Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

The Junior League of Nashville created Nashville's Home for Crippled Children in 1923 and later partnered with Vanderbilt to serve the greater public

Since 1970, the Junior League of Nashville has supported many programs with volunteers and financial resources targeting current health needs of children. A partial list of these programs include:
  • Junior League Family Resource Center
  • Junior League Child Life Specialist Program
  • Capital gifts to renovate a pediatric outpatient clinic and to help build the freestanding hospital
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Development Follow-up Clinic
  • Junior League Fetal Care Program
  • Junior League Therapeutic Arts Program
  • Junior League of Nashville Sickle Cell Disease and Asthma Program
Junior League volunteers also host a wide variety of activities to support the family such as entertainment hours, movie nights and holiday gifts.

2. Renewal House

Renewal House offers addiction recovery programs to mothers and fosters healing, resiliency, and recovery for mothers and their children.  Renewal House offers services via three primary programs:  Licensed Intensive Outpatient Program (12-15 weeks), Family Residential Recovery Program (up to 2 years), and Independent Recovery Apartments (Permanent/Unlimited).  They focus on keeping families together while helping addicted mothers get clean.

3. Rejoice School of Ballet

The Rejoice Ministries mission is to provide an excellent dance education with a Christian focus for children from low income families.

4. JLN Admissions Committee

When choosing a volunteer placement, you have the option for an in league placement or an out of league placement.  I chose 3 out of league placements and 1 in league placement.  The admissions committee is responsible for admission of new members and transfers.  I am loving everything about my experience and would love to welcome new members to the family. 

I will let you know when I receive my placement confirmation.  All of these are fantastic organizations in Nashville and I will be elated to be a part of any of them. 

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