Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

First of all, I'm loving that it is WEDNESDAY!  It has been a long week working all day and working at the house all night.  Half way there :)
I'm loving that this weekend marks the un-official start to summer.  I love holidays and I love America, so let's get the summer party started.
Memorial Day weekend also kicks off swimming pool season.  While I may not quite be ready to rock a bikini, I am ready to get my tan on at the downtown YMCA pool.  Mark your calendars, it opens Friday at 10am.

Another summer love of mine is the grill!  I'm loving the grill on the new back porch, and I can't wait to break it in this weekend.

I LOVE the beach.  Period.  Love is kinda an understatement.  Since I recently started a new job, I don't have many vacation days this year, but I am trying to squeeze a couple long weekend trips to the beach in this summer.  HELLO GULF COAST!
I love baseball games in the summer time.  The Nashville Sounds host a home stand this weekend, and I'm hoping to catch a game or two.  (Monday day game, sign me up!)
I'm loving sweet baby Tucker.  The big move has been rough on this little guy, but he is starting to adjust.  This pic was just too cute not to share.
Excuse the wrong orientation, blogger isn't working with me today....  I'm loving this find at Home Depot.  I rented this little carpet cleaner for $20 last weekend to give our living room rug a nice wash before bringing it to the new house.  You can rent all kinds of tools from Home Depot...who knew?
What are you loving this holiday week?


  1. Your list includes all of my favorite things about summer. I can't wait to go to the beach!!