Friday, June 21, 2013

5 for Friday!

Hey Ya'll!  Linking up with the girls again for 5 for Friday.

I absolutely love this link up because it enables my randomness :)

1.  Check out the newest addition to the front porch.  Last weekend ,for Father's day, JK and I  took our dads to tour Jack Daniel's Distillery.  While we were there, we picked up two half whiskey barrel planters.  I'm already envisioning mums in the fall and poinsettias for Christmas!

2.  I know I already posted about it this week, in my only other post this week, but I'm so excited for the Taste of Music City Fest tomorrow.  I love summertime festivals and I love all of our local eateries, so I know it will be a blast!

3.  I'm on the search for new bedding for my king size bed to fix a few issues....
     a.  My current duvet insert from Macy's isn't fluffy enough
     b.  The size of my current duvet isn't long enough cover the mattress
     c.  I want the bedding to match the current wall color

So, do I go with a California King size duvet?  Do I get a quilt to cover the bed and lay the duvet at the bottom?  Why can't my bed look like the ones in the Pottery Barn catalog?!?

Any king size solutions?

4.  Do you use a make-up primer?  I'm currently trying my first one and I'm not sure it's doing much.  Thoughts?

5.  I never shared these adorable coozies I created to celebrate The Kinsland Firm's first anniversary.  I created the artwork and had a local print shop whip up a few for our celebration.  Don't you love them?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. We might try that festival! Sounds like fun. Duvets never seem to look like the catalog but I love the weight of it while sleeping.