Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday!

1. This is such an exciting time in my little world! 2 of my besties are engaged!!! And one of my beautiful friends has a bun in the oven :)  I could not be more ecstatic for all of the goodness going on in my little circle.  I love you all so much!!! 

2.  This weekend, JK and I are headed to St. Louis.  We are meeting up with a couple of friends from my hometown to catch a Braves game and have a little fun.  I may or may not be really looking forward to a ballpark frank ;)

3.  Anyone else shop the Lilly sale this week?  There were a lot of angry shoppers, but I wasn't one of them.  I completely forgot about the sale until around 11:00, and figured everything great probably already sold out.  Much to my surprise, I happened to look right as the site recovered from a crash cause by too-many-lilly-lovers-wanting a deal!  I scored a dress I've had my eye on for over 80% off... Thanks mom for teaching me to wait for sales!

4.  We are officially one week away from college football kick-off!  My fam is headed to Knoxville next weekend to celebrate.  How can you not love football season?

5.  3 Albums I have on repeat on my ipod right now are...

lovin' The One That Got Away and Same Old, Same Old
can't turn off Wildfire and Dear Marie
This girl is talented!  Download Follow Your Arrow right now.
What are you listening to right now?!?
Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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  1. Stopped by from the link up! I'm looking forward to football season too. Not for the football part though, I'm not too big into sports, but because it means fall is coming! I do love tailgating though! Love love love the Civil Wars! Heard they broke up and got back together out of the blue?! I'm liking John Mayer's new song! Have a good weekend!