Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NFL Bag Rules

I know this news is so 2 months ago, but since this weekend kicks off pre-season, here in Nasvhille, it's time to re-visit the new regulations on purses by the NFL.  In short, bring a gallon size plastic bag, only, and leave the diaper bag, purses and man-bags at home :)
Obviously a man created this rule because there are a few things he forgot when creating the new mandates...

1.   What if a lady that is not a NFL junkie, gets asked to a game, and she sports her favorite Kate Spade or Louis Vuitton?  The walk from parking to the stadium gate is quite the long haul, and the last thing you want to do is return your favorite bag to the car, may I suggest a bag check at the gate?

2.  Sometimes girls have personal issues that need the privacy of a clutch...heck, men have personal issues kept private by their wife's handbag!  Pivacy is appreciated by everyone....no one wants to flaunt medication, creams, pop-up texts, diapers, ointments...I will stop there :) 

3.  Call me crazy, but cargo pant wearers could store more in the pockets of cargos than a typical purse!  Will I be rocking cargos this year?  No thanks...

If you want to read the details, here you go.

The good news, football's back!

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  1. My thoughts when I first heard about this was "a man definitely made this rule". Annoying.