Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweet Baby Tucker

Tucker was JK's first love, his baby and the sweetest member of our family.  Tucker met JK over 11 years ago, and they have been best buds ever since. Tucker joined JK at college, followed him to law school, and even helped him open the firm.
Some may call him stubborn, but we knew he was just strong-willed.
Some say dogs shouldn't eat chocolate, but Tuck had his fair share. 
Some called him spoiled, but we called him loved.
Some say don't wake a sleeping dog, well they were right :)
Some teach their dogs to respect their master, ole Tucker didn't see it that way.
 In November, Tucker passed on from this world, but his spirit and memories live on :)
JK had some words of wisdom to share in this time of grief for our little family.  The pain of Tucker's passing cannot compare to the joy, happiness, laughter, and love he brought to our lives. 
We love you, we miss you, and you will always be the original baby,

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